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The SoulForce Program is a deep dive immersion experience into exploring how much of "You" you have running through you. SoulForce is Life-Force. It is the essence of your Self. Often times, we hold ourselves back from the world in an attempt to protect ourselves. Then, we have very little SoulForce available to us, with which to draw upon. In this Introductory Shamanic LifeCoaching Journey, you will come to know the landcape of your Soul, and grow ... You.

Move from "Happenstance to Happy" in this Personal Mastery, Shamanic LifeCoaching program for The Joyful Evolution of You |  Global School with private on-line forum, monthly audios for self-study and exclusive one-on-one weekly phone calls with Holly. $390 Monthly auto-renew | $4500 a year 

Step into the Spirit World and let yourself get carried away! This program is for the person who wants a total life transformation. It includes weekly in-person coaching with Holly, and a full studio membership to support your journey. $5000 a year or $500 Monthly!

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