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Watercolor painting is an introduction to the beautiful world of color and light.

The Color Story

Waldorf-Inspired Watercolor Painting

For the young,
& the young at H'art
Wet on wet, watercolor with an intention of giving an experience of color coming to life through story.
Because the wet paint is laid on wet paper, the colors flow, blending into one another in beautiful, unexpected ways. The class is taught through story, so that it is easy to get to know the mood of each color and have fun. Participants will learn to paint by getting to know the way color plays together.
*Specialty Class Runs 10 weeks starting March 1 | $130 for class, includes materials. Max 10 people. 
"I look into the world
In which the sun is shining
In which the stars are sparkling
In which the stones repose.
Where living plants are growing
Where sentient beasts are living
Where human souls on earth
Give dwelling to the spirit.
I look into the soul,
That lives within my being
The World Creator weaves
In sunlight and in soul light,
In world space there without
In soul depths here within.
To Thee Creator Spirit
I will now turn my heart
To ask that strength and blessing
For learning and for work
May ever grow within me."
- Rudolf Steiner 




Sierra has been attending the Golden Valley Waldorf School since Kindergarten. Her time in this lovely holistic learning environment has given her a special gift with artistic expression. In her school, she also has orchestrated and faciliated many group activities as a teacher and leader. She bring her natural teaching gift and love of art to her workshops for the young, and young at heart.

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