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HIKING, HOTSPRINGS & HEALING with "EarthWalker" Jeff Adorador

LOCATION : Grover Hot Springs State Park
Date: Saturday, Sept 3 to Monday Sept 5

$300 | Per person
(Price Includes retreat + shamanic healing with Holly!)


"The Natural World is Constantly Moving Toward Balance, When  you immerse yourself in the wild with simple amenities, you naturally move towards balance in your own life." - Jeff Adorador

When is the last time you have treated yourself to a weekend of self-care? Recharge your mind, body and spirit in a beautiful natural environment. Soak in an established mineral hot spring bath, receive professional massage, hike to a beautiful mountain lake, participate in wilderness therapy exercises and commune with like-minded people.



This will be a wilderness therapy and shamanic healing adventure. 

Everything in this world is either living or dying...growth is necessary for life. However, most people put time and energy into things that have little or no value compared to personal growth and life enrichment.Earthwalker provides five different Wilderness Therapy excursions that promote exercise, self awareness, active communication, team work and mental/emotional wellness. Leadership is based off a solid background of master's level counseling and wilderness leadership. The Wilderness Therapy experience fosters a small group dynamic that is not only safe and fun but ultimately, helps you achieve a greater quality of life. You can look forward to daily yoga, hikes, time to heal and relax and enjoy new friends.




Soaking in the natural hot spring water of Grover Hot Springs State Park a sublime delight. From immense mountain peaks and old lava flows covering hundreds of square miles in the east to the glacially-carved valley and natural hot springs, Grover Hot Springs is a testament to the ancient and powerful geologic forces that shaped the landscape that one sees today.


The Park’s eight natural hot springs are a result of surface water percolating through cracks in the earth’s crust until it reaches hot rock thousands of feet below, then bubbles back up to the surface, dissolving and absorbing minerals along its way. The water is a scalding 148 degrees when it reaches the ground surface; however the Park regulates hot pool inflow to maintain a comfortable soaking temperature between 102 and 104 degrees.


The water at Grover Hot Springs State Park contains little sulfur, and does not have that “rotten egg” smell so common in other natural hot springs. The 700-acre park is open year round and features a hot soaking pool and adjacent cool swimming pool, a 76-site developed campground, picnic area, and hiking trails.



Price includes camping fees for one night, entrance to hot springs two days, one organic dinner, one thirty minute massage with option to extend, morning yoga, shamanic healing session when it is "the right moment" and campfire shamanic drumming - as well as guidance through wilderness therapy exercises. Carpooling can be arranged. 



About Jeff Adorador

& EarthWalkerLLC

Jeff Adorador holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Outdoor Experiential Education from Prescott College a renowned school for Adventure Education and Environmental Studies.  


Jeff is certified as a Wilderness First Responder in first aid through NOLS, Wilderness Medical Institute.  His survival experience and instruction has included courses taught by Cody Lundin (Aboriginal Living Skills School & Discovery's Dual Survival), Tom Brown Jr. (Tracker School), Search and Rescue, and Military ROTC.  Jeff currently instructs survival courses for the Sheriff's Search and Rescue team.


Earthwalker is committed to enriching lives by providing instruction and leadership in basic wilderness survival skills and therapeutic counseling in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Foothills.  


Find out more about Jeff and EarthWalker at

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