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Power is not found by forcing ourselves, but rather by finding our Self. If you want to improve the state of your being, and the state of the world, you’ve got to go on a Journey.  A pilgrimage to the center of your soul, where awaits your total empowerment and joyful enlightenment.  The Joyful Warrior Shamanic School that brings positive change to the world by facilitating healing experiences and educational adventures that Bring Love to Life and Free The Human Spirit.


The Project does this primarily by helping people recover from Soul Loss and Spirit-Break. Soul-Loss occurs during traumatic emotional and volitile moments creating disharmony and disassociation with the self, and as a result depressed, dis-eased or distructive action in the world.

Spirit-Break occurs when the Spirit's seed of intention to incarnate is thrwarted by a life situation where the soil is not condusive bringing life fully into the world with love such that the Spirit's grounding in the body essentially doesn't fully "take". The Joyful Warrior Project inspires holistic healing for the journey of your spirit in a physical body. Our programs are designed to help you make this journey, one step at a time - joyfully.


  • MOVEMENT is the foundation. Movement teaches you to love the skin you live in, calling your spirit home again, Movement is the body's sacred alchemy. When we move, we integrate and assimilate that which is strengthening and fortifying and also purge and cleanse that which is toxic and fragmenting. If we want to go from where we are, to where we hope to be, we’ve got to move something! The Project offers Sacred Movement practices in Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Flow Arts and more. Come, and be moved by what moves you!


  • MEDITATION is the connection. Meditation is a love making, it is about connecting with the Source of Your Energy. The primary relationship we are growing is the one between our worldly identity and that of our Spirit's calling. With regular journeys out of the mind's judging and into our heart's knowing, we are able to remember where we are going from a place of internal certainty and security. The Project offers shamanic journeying, tantra and many world-culture practices that honor the Earth, Sky and The Star that you are!


  • MEANING is the inspiration. Meaning is what facilitates your personal breakthroughs and opens the heart to let your spirit come through, as you. Meaning is what you are creating. Everything else, is fleeting. You will not take any thing with you, except the experiences that have moved through you. The meaning you give to what you perceive is what creates your reality. Life is a string of moments that are held together by the love that flows through you as you. The Project offers program in Meaning through Music, Art, Ritual, Ceremony. Activism, Nutrition, Community - all forms of expressions that allow Spirit to be Free and to come through as you, and me.


Between any two points, there is exactly one line. The point at which you decide to move from happenstance to happy defines your personal empowerment journey. 

Programs with Holly teach you how to honor the Soul within Your Story  through creative spiritual journeys. 


Each class, workshop, training, retreat or coaching session is a step into the Shaman's Territory. Free Spirit and Bring Love to Life by learning how to walk in two worlds and let the power of your formless self unite with your whole being to create unity, healing and power within you. Walking in Beauty.

Training for Modern-Day Heros, Healers and Helpers of Humanity

Honoring the Old Ways & Creating New Pathways


*For those leaving from Sacramento... We will travel together in the early am to SFO for a group flight. All attendees will be waited for at the airport in Guatemala City and we will travel together with our local host, Yehuda Maayan to San Marcos La Laguna.


Our first day, we will rest and orient ourselves to the surroundings, grocery shop and get grounded  by building a collective alter, enjoying a communal meal & storytelling.



Morning yoga and swimming in the lake. Communal Breakfast, Meditation. 

Afternoon boat trip to San Pedro, a local Mayan village to explore. In the evening, we will bring ourselves to the Spirits of the Land asking for permission to engage in Spiritual Field Work, to learn and study with the elements and ask Pele for guidance.



Morning yoga and swimming in the lake. Communal Breakfast, Meditation.

Training mid-morning and afternoon, with lakeside lunch. In the early evening, we visit with the local cocao shaman! Dinner will be around our communal fire.



Morning yoga and swimming in the lake. Communal Breakfast. Meditation

This is a special day, the Spring Equinox. The day will center around our Shaman Training with Spiritual Annointing Self-Initation Ceremony at the Lake. In the afternoon, we will enjoy going to the local market and bizars to shamanically foraige for a grand community feast! In the evening, we will look to the stars and be dazzled by a local Mayan Astrology lesson.


March 22

Morning yoga and swimming in the lake. Communal Breakfast, Meditation.

Get ready to adventure and trek to sacred Mayan ceremonial sites and places of power. We will bring our love to the land and listen to the elemental beings and spirit helpers.


March 23

Morning yoga and swimming in the lake. Communal Breakfast, Meditation.

Constuction Day. While we are staying at Yehuda's ..., we will offer our sweat and sacred service to leave the retreat center better than we found it, and cement Joyful Warrior's positive presence as well by doing a day of physical light labor building new structure. Likely, a meditation platform, but the project will unfold as we are there.


March 24

Morning yoga and swimming in the lake. Communal Breakfast, Meditation.

A full day of attendance to the Festival of Consciousness in San Marcos! Group meals, prayers and blessing to honor our last full day at Lake Atitlan. 


March 25

Travel Day, will depend on flight agenda. Everyone will be thoughtfully prepared and guided to their next destination!


*If you would like to extend your trip to include Saturday & Sunday it may be possible to stay for an extra day or two of sight seeing with Yehuda, for a small fee. Request more information, if you are interested in this.


Note: Exact dates of activities may change but the general flow of activities and training will be the same. We will have daily movement, meditation & meaning!

JW Project Mission: BRING LOVE TO LIFE
Joyful Warrior Companies LLC is a Value-Based
Business founded in 2006 by Holly Baade to bring positive change in the world by facilitating educational experiences that bring Love to Life and teach people how to Live with Spirit!

The Joyful Warrior Free Spirit Shaman School is an answer to a feeling many people are now having, to bring their soul into their story - and connect with their spirit's calling to walk in the world with their heart open and to experience life from a point of subtle-shamanic sight.


Each experience The Joyful Warrior School provides opens a portal to where Spirit, lives. Each program The Joyful Warrior guides encourages Your Spirit to become more, alive. Each class, coaching, workshop, training or adventure retreat The Joyful Warrior leads is a Shamanic Journey in desguise - designed to help you Find Your True Nature and Bring Love to Life.


The words written in this website, on Holly's Blog and in her books are also prayer, for it is her hope that all of humanity will become frequent travelers in the Shaman’s Territory - quickly!





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