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Yoga is an outward jesture of an inward journey. JourneYoga is a ritual of body, mind and spirit. Weaving together the ancients rivers of yoga and shamanism created by Holly Baade. JourneYoga creates a sacred container for surrender by honoring the Soul of the Earth and the Spirit within all of Life. It is at once an intensely physical and internally focused with energetic alignment, pulsation and playful sequencing. 

Yoga offers a beautiful doorway into movement with a sacred intenion. There are many different kinds of yoga and our yoga offering weaves in hatha, bhakti, vinyasa and more to give you a full spectrum approach to your yoga practice.
In order to become a true sacred athlete and "mover" it is also important to let the body enjoy and draw information from a variety of movment disciplines. In this way, the body is able to move, naturally. our Natura movement class offers just this, a foundational and multi-disciplinary appraoch to movement.
Dance is not only a movement practice everyone - no matter the fitness level - can begin, it also is a way for the emotions to express themselves and let the soul begin to mend. At Joyful Warrior, many different dance forms are offered in classes and workshops.


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