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Meet Holly Baade,
Your New Life Coach & Personal Shaman

Humanity’s joyful evolution is at the heart of Holly Baade’s teachings. Through story and song she shares the wonder and the wisdom of the shaman’s healing vision. On this website, you will find her personal blog and free sharings of soulful shaman songs. 

Holly has been working as a shaman for nearly 20 years under the name of The Joyful Warrior. She has operated and owned The Joyful Warrior Yoga Studio before moving on to other horizons. Now, Holly is in the midst of writing her autobiography and related shaman training works. 

There are many reasons to choose a life coach that works also as a shaman. Mainly, because without this piece, your missing the most important aspect of your healing - you soul. We all have soul fragments lost from a variety of challenges and awe-inspiring moments. 

When we take time to reclaim our soul, put it into our story, and then build a life as a soul-making work of devotion, well then something magical happens... and life truly begins.


Enjoy an introduction and Holly's blog here and send a note if you are interested in working with Holly.


You can also discover more about her work at

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