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"May my love be as consistent as the sun's rays, May my discipline be as steady as a hawks gaze, May my joy be as expansive as the silence when the drum is done. And may my life be a prayer extending the edge of the soul in everyone."
- Holly Baade, The Joyful Warrior

I was born Holly Louise Baade. The Joyful Warrior is who I grew myself to be while journeying in the shaman’s territory. I didn’t mean to become a shaman, but my whole life I have been searching for meaning. My story is one of struggle and survival. Of wonder and of whimsy. Of holding on, and letting go. And of learning how to embrace my faith, and wear it joyfully.

The Joyful Warrior Shaman School is an answer to a feeling many people are now having, to bring their soul into their story - and connect with their spirit's calling. I have trained for 12 years with a spirit I call, The Chief. The Chief is a white-eagle spirit who has been with me my entire life and who initiated me on the Shaman's Path by offering me a sacred pipe that blasted my heart wide-open so that i could perceive all of reality, not just what we see on the surface of things - but the soul of the world and all who dwell within.

Each experience I offer opens a portal to where Spirit, lives. Each program I guide encourages Your Spirit to become more, alive. Each class, coaching, workshop, training or adventure retreat I lead is a Shamanic Journey in disguise - designed to help you find your true nature,
bring love to life and to, Live With Spirit.


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