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Journey with The Joyful Warrior

Shamanic Journeys open a portal to wear your spirit, lives.  As we are able to connect with our Spirit, we are able to walk in the world with inner certainty knowing that all is well and all is coming to us in good time.
Through shamanic journeys with The Joyful Warrior
you will be guided into the spirit realm

where you will learn how to meet The Shaman in You
and find joyful inspiration to light your way.

Free Late-Spring
Inner Path Journey

Audio Directions:


Setting Your Sacred Space:

1. Set down a nice yoga mat or blanket on the floor. 

2. Put 4 stones around it with a simple intention to ring yourself in the highest love.

3. Light a candle and say a prayer. Here is one of mine to use, or you can create your own.

"Let the Light be All that I am, All that I see, All that I know in my being. Guide me by allowing me to feel with ease that which is right for me to see, experience and be at this time for my highest good and joyful evolution. Aho, let it be so."

4. Choose a drum track from my album on bandcamp "Untouched Soul", I suggest the 12, 15, or 20 minute tracks.  

5. Journaling always brings more insights.

6. This is a practice. Don't judge the experience. Do it a few times. Let yourself un-wind and find inner guidance by being open to what arrives. 


Joyful Drummng - The Joyful Warrior

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