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To be a Shaman is to see with the heart, not idealistically, but really. It is a body-felt reality. A kinesthetic capacity that is found by connecting with one's own higher self on the deepest levels of being.


Shamanic training with Holly Baade is kindergarten for your soul. It is the education we should have all received when we were children in order to honor the wholeness of our being. We are meant to see life as a celebration of spirits' expansion into the physical plane of reality. 

The Joyful Warrior Shaman School is an answer to a feeling many people are now having, to bring their soul into their story - and connect with their spirit's calling. 


Each experience opens a portal to where Spirit, lives. Each program encourages Your Spirit to become, alive. Each class, coaching, workshop, training or adventure retreat is a Shamanic Journey in disguise - designed to help you embrace your true nature, bring love to life and Live With Spirit.

"The Shaman’s Territory is not a place of imagination but rather it is the non-materiality, the in-visioning, of the world we experience daily. A bridge between potential and concrete reality. It is a playground where Love shape-shifts into an infinite number of landscapes and intersections of meaning to meet our mind’s expectations and bounded rationality. It is the perfect place to learn how to grow our personal and planetary evolution, consciously."                     - Holly Baade

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