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To be a Shaman is to see with the heart, not idealistically, but really. It is a body-felt reality. A kinesthetic capacity that is found by connecting with one's own higher self on the deepest levels of being.


Shamanic training with Holly Baade is kindergarten for your soul. It is the education we should have all received when we were children in order to honor the wholeness of our being. We are meant to see life as a celebration of spirits' expansion into the physical plane of reality. 

The Joyful Warrior Shaman School is an answer to a feeling many people are now having, to bring their soul into their story - and connect with their spirit's calling. 


Each experience opens a portal to where Spirit, lives. Each program encourages Your Spirit to become, alive. Each class, coaching, workshop, training or adventure retreat is a Shamanic Journey in disguise - designed to help you embrace your true nature, bring love to life and Live With Spirit.

"The Shaman’s Territory is not a place of imagination but rather it is the non-materiality, the in-visioning, of the world we experience daily. A bridge between potential and concrete reality. It is a playground where Love shape-shifts into an infinite number of landscapes and intersections of meaning to meet our mind’s expectations and bounded rationality. It is the perfect place to learn how to grow our personal and planetary evolution, consciously."                     - Holly Baade

Practices | Programs  | Pilgrimages 



Kinfolk Yoga in Grass Valley | Monday Nights 6-8PM, Sunday Mornings 8-10AM

$20 Drop in, Packages Available

In order to see with your heart, it is critical that to make-sense of what you "see" by being able to feel your physical body, which is the receiving instrument for spiritual study. Yoga allows the body to be spiritualized, and to remain full of vitality. Daily practice, is key! If you are local to the gold country, Northern California area, you can study with Holly in person for weekly practice in JourneYoga and Shamanic Journeying at Kinfolk Yoga.  Come and enjoy on-going shamanic study in this practice of movement, meditation and meaning. 



FREE | When you subscribe to the Joyful Warrior Audio Blog

Shamanic Journeys open a portal to wear your spirit, lives.  As we are able to connect with our Spirit, we are able to walk in the world with inner certainty knowing that all is well and all is... coming to us in good time.


Through experiential journeys with The Joyful Warrior, you will be guided into the spirit realm for a teaching moment with your soul that you will never forget.

Offered new, each week, for no charge through the Joyful Warrior Journey Audio Blog


For the Joyful Evolution of, You

$125 a session | $500* for five sessions |

$300* a month with 6 month commitment

*Includes Shamanic Soul Retrieval 

Move from "Happenstance to Happy" in this Personal Mastery Program based in Shamanic Healing.  Program includes a beautiful year-long study guide, a private on-line forum, monthly audios for self-study and exclusive one-on-one weekly phone calls with Holly. ​​Learn how Holly has helped hundreds of people change their lives to make a positive difference in their own life path, and the needed healing, planetary change at this time. 


Offered on-line, locally in Grass Valley,
and through spiritual pilgrimages around the world

$500-$5000 | Depends on Location and Duration

Create a Solid Foundation that Builds Strength & Grace for you Shamanic Journey. The Shaman in You Program is designed to give you all that you need for personally empowered on-going shamanic practice. It offers five levels of original and insightful instruction for transformational shamanic study that build upon each other to deliver a powerful pathway to personal and planetary transformation through direct spiritual sight - and insight.


Jump Start your Life with Health, Vitality, and an Abundance Mentality


SHASTA ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE | $300 *See schedule for this year's retreat dates

ALSO OFFERED AS PERSONAL COACHING | $125 a session, see Joyfulution Information

Health & Wealth

We are Spirits, in a Material World. We are Light Slowed Down to a Vibration Low enough to Merge with a Physical Body. We are Light. We need Light. We breathe Light. We eat Light. We create our world with thoughts that emenate from us as Light. In this training, Holly helps you Embody Your Spirit through a Dedicated Practice integrating Your True Nature into your Body and your Being-ness. The program includes instruction for Sacred Movement, Meditation, Meaning... and Magic.




Offered Locally in Grass Valley, Throughout the Year - Check the Schedule for what is Up-coming

$200 | Usually offered as a one-day experiential workshop

Are you stuck in depression? Perhaps feeling anxiety? These may be symptoms of soul loss. Soul Loss occurs when we leave aspects of our Self in another time, and place. In order to come into wholeness again, first we must open to inspiration. In this beginning shamanic healing workshop we explore opening physically, emotionally and energetically to our highest self. 


Enchanting Introduction to Shamanic Practice


At ShamanSong Retreat Center, in Grass Valley

$130 | Basic Per-Person Price

Enjoy an Enchanting Introduction to Shamanic Journeying and The Shaman’s Territory. In this gentle introduction we will explore how to “see” as a shaman, with the heart through kinesthetic exercises that will strengthen subtle perception through conscious intention. We will learn the ancient art of shamanic journeying and discover how to work in the magical realm of the Sacred Garden. Within the Garden, we will meet animals, angelic beings and work with ancestors. 


Shamanic Drumming for Confident Spiritual Connection

$300 | Includes Remo Buffalo Drum

Offered as a Workshop a Few Times a Year, Check the Schedule for Details

The Joyful Warrior's Shamanic Drumming Workshop! Enjoy a new way to explore drumming than perhaps you've ever experienced before. We take up the typical rhythms, but also dive deeper into learning how to "Woo the Spirits" to sing and chant and play their drums and flutes with you! You will come away from this workshop with a new drum, and an awakened heart that can hear the spirits guiding you to play right along with them.

Spiritual Pilgrimage | Mayan Magic



March 26-30, 2018 | $3000

Price includes: Lodging, Food, Mayan Ceremonies, Shamanic Cacao Teachings,
Hand-Made Jewelry, Tikal Expedition and Transportation (not airfare)

Holly has an intimate connection with the San Marcos area. In this annual Spring Pilgrimage, she offers

students a way to connect with the Mayan Culture, History of Guatemala and Culture of the People. San Marcos La Laguna is a spiritual oasis on a beautiful (swimmable) blue lake. Program focuses on Shamanic Journey Work with the Spirits of the Land, People of the Place and Soul of the World. 

Spiritual Pilgrimage | SoulShine Bali

​SoulShine  | Bali

The Shaman in You Training

Levels 1-5, Winter Immersion

MARCH 26-30

$5,000 PER PERSON 

Price includes training, daily yoga, most meals, lodging and daily adventures.

Most of this retreat is located at SoulShine in Bali. 

There is an option to travel to the coast.

Levels 1-5

It's on an island where the sun always shines. Where wanderers, adventurers and soul seekers are transformed 


There’s always a lounge chair under the perfect amount of shade to keep your coconut, green juice or cocktail as chilled as you are. Where lifelong friendships are made over a deep conversation in the shallow end of the pool, and the soundtrack of your life is always playing the perfect song.


A place where you rock out by day, and acoustic guitars and swaying palms rock you to sleep at night. Where you love out loud, live without permission and serve the greater good. 



Where is Soulshine?

It's in your heart, your mind, and in Ubud, Bali. We look forward to welcoming you home to the place where SOULROCKERS come to play!

Spiritual Pilgrimage | Big Island Love

Drumming before Dawn | Gaia Healing Intensive 

The Shaman in You Advanced Training

MARCH 26-30


Price includes food, lodging, daily adventures



About the Location: Dragon Fly Ranch

Spiritual Pilgrimage | SpiritSeeds Hawaii

SpiritSeeds Soul Retrieval Retreat

Advanced Level 4 Shaman in You Training

Lumeria Maui | July 16-22, 2018


Price includes food, lodging, daily adventures and training

This retreat is very special, as it is focused on soul retrieval. All participants will both receive and learn how to give shamanic soul retrieval healing. Each day of this retreat will offer in-depth shamanic wisdom teachings, healing sacred movement including yoga, and balance time outdoors for adventure and personal reflection time. 

About the Location: A restful Maui retreat for the mind, body and spirit, Lumeria Maui channels the essence of Hawaii to help you regenerate and renew for a timeless experience unlike any other. More than just a place to rest your head, Lumeria embraces the heritage and culture of Maui’s North Shore and Upcountry regions to help you transform into your best self through education, mindful yoga, and wellness retreat programming We have well-appointed Maui accommodations, spa services, adventure and educational activities as well as garden-to-table sustainable food offerings and workshops. See more:

Spiritual Pilgrimage | Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole Wyoming

Personal Transformation in the Tetons

*The Shaman in You Level 1-3 Intensive

AUGUST 5-11 2018


Price includes food, lodging, daily adventures


Le Tetons, the bosom of the mother, as it was known to Native Americans of the Plains, is the center vortex of a chain of power-places in North America. It holds within its peaks, a sacred garden like no other, with wild bear, mountain lions, elk, moose, and many other power-animals. There is a string of lakes that offer some of the best paddle-boarding and swimming, as well. In this pilgrimage, we will stay in the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and venture out with skilled guides to take a true shamanic journey into one of the last wild and most sacred portals of power in the United States. Jackson Hole is an authentic mountain town full of mountain climbers, and cowboys.  You will be inspired to courage!

About the Location: Snow King Resort. Snow King is just blocks from the town of Jackson Hole's famous antler arches, and just a few minutes from Grand Teton National Park. Snow King is beautiful resort with central location (even walking distance) to sacred mountain tops for ease of outdoor programming and adventure-seeking. See more:

This Program is a deep dive immersion experience into exploring how much of "You" you have running through you. You will come to know the landscape of your Soul, and grow your Spirit Body here, in the material world. While at the same time, developing your abilities as a shamanic healer and practioner. Attendance to all five levels of the Shaman in You is required. Please inquire directly with Holly for more details.

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