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Joyful Warrior SoulForce Shaman Training brings you into contact with your Soul Self and the Seed of Your Spirit so that you can bring wholeness to where you are now and from this wholeness feel naturally inspired, naturrally strong, extend this sense of peace and quite power that does not have to prove itself to everyone.


It is a way to change the world, by changing the way you feel about your Self. It is a path for freeing the spirit that longs to come through you, as you. It is a path for freeing the spirit of us all so that it may create a joyful world by extending it beauty in all of our creations as individuals and as a collective. Joyful Warrior Shaman Training is not inerested in helping you practice shamanism, to simply learn the techniques and tell you how you can use them. The Joyful Warrior Shaman Training program recognizes that we are all on a shamanic journey. We are all ready to initiate our selves on to the path of the Shaman and to step into this commitment from our Love, from our Light and Will. This Training therefore has a conscoiusness to it that is interested in your personal empowerment and recognizes that we are all each other's teachers. No one is above the other, we are all walking the journey home, together.



We've got to go out of our comfort zones and expand what we know about our selves and our reality so that we can return again with greater understanding. We are the heros we are seeking. We are the co-creators of the experiences we are having. We can heal our broken-hearts and choose to be in alignment with our own Spirit's Calling, wherever that may take us. 

The Joyful Warrior Shaman Training is the only shaman training that goes beyond the basic "journey" training to teach you - how to change your body somatically so that you can actually taste more of the spiritual dimension. It is the only training that teaches you how to use your body's subtle perceptions to be able to open up your heart and your third eye so that you can see spirit in a way that usually requires some level of plant-medicine or altered state through syntheetic halucingen to achieve. Through the Joyful Warrior's path, you learn how to achieve this expanded state of seeing, and feeling, conscously at will, always.

This program is not a quick fix. It is a process of re-education that allows a person to come back into personal relationship with their own spirit, soul aspects and to receive direct spiritual connection and revelation. This is a natural state of being that all people can achieve. Not all will be called to the dharma of the Shaman, the path that leads naturally to serving as a community healer, teacher and leader. But perhaps it will. You will discover this, or gain more clarity on just what your dharma is, while learning how to  trave with confidence and joy in the Shaman's Territory as a practice, as a way of life, and as a devotion in Self Love. No matter what you feel your Spirit Calling is, being able to access the Shaman's Door to hear your own soul speaking more clearly - and to receive assistance and grace from the protective Spirits that wish to be of service to you - can only add to your success and sense of alignment with your own personal meaning of things.

Ultimately, this is a program that teaches you how to Live with Spirit and Bring Love to Life. It is joyful, playful, challenging, demanding. It offers breakthroughs and new ways of thinking. 

Level 1, Sensual Sight & Shamanic Flight  

We explore in depth the body's ability to feel and make sense. We look for "dead" zones in our body that are frozen from feeling due to trauma or negative-thought forms.

Program Teaches You How to Feel, and Taste all of Reality So that You Can Experience the Bliss Underneath 

Level is a shaman training program like no other.  Based in a somatic-rich approach, Holly's Shamanic Training programs are very different from the core shamanic work being taught by other shamanic thought-leaders. Traditional Core Shamanic Work is Covered in Detail, but Holly also weaves in experiential exersizes through adventure, group work and art to build the abilty to "get in" the journey more effectively and more often, with a stronger abilty to make sense of the experience so that it has practical application for you and whatever reason you may feel drawn to study.


 f. techniques for sensing spirit from a variety of other traditions including: Yoga, Kinestiology, Sports-Physiology, Steiner/Esoteric Training and Holly's personal training received by The Chief. 

Each participant will be able to participate in healing through collective shamanic healing ceremonies.




Everything in the shaman’s territory can speak and can teach. Whether it be a rock, a waterfall or a kangaroo. This is because everything in the shaman’s territory is alive and vibrating with the pulse of life. It has a consciousness and a will of its own that is separate from the traveler’s imagination. You find this out right away, when you “try” without success to make it do what you want it to. And at the same time, it is a reflection of the traveler’s own mental store-house of imagery and emotive-feelings.


It is a place beyond any one individual’s imaginings that has been painted on cave walls in almost every indigenous culture and is the backdrop for many myths and legends. It has been studied the world over for external validity by science, anthropologists and curious researchers who have compared different accounts and artwork. The research points to similar findings from people and places that could not have previously communicated with each other. Native elders and esteemed indigenous spiritual-leaders of many tribes throughout the world still go into the shaman’s territory as their cultures have done for thousands of years. To seek practical information, spiritual insight and serve as a conduit for healing purposes on behalf of others.


The word “shaman” is a Siberian cultural term that means “one who sees with the heart”, or “one who sees in the dark.” As one learns how to travel in the shaman’s territory, the aperture of the heart slowly grows to a more open set-point allowing the traveler to “see” reality by actually tasting the quality and composition of light. It is this tasting-of-light that allows the shaman to see. To be more precise, it is not really a seeing at all, but rather a kinesthetic body-felt knowing that is accompanied sometimes by sight, or smell, or sound, or internal visualized soul-pictures. Because traveling in the shamanic territory is not a trip outside of the body. The body is actually used in the journey as a tool for perceiving and making “sense” of what is happening.

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