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Empowerment, Extraction, Illumination, Soul Retrieval, Spirit-Seed Re-Membering &
Re-Patterning will be taught and Healing Rituals will be taught and offered to all 
with The Joyful Warrior 

LOCATION : Lumeria Maui Retreat
Date: July 29-Aug 5

Deposit | $500

Full Trip Investment | $4000 (Paid in full by July 1)


Who are you before life-happens to you? What do you bring to Earth with you that is already bearing gifts? Where do these gifts go when you are forced into survival situations and dissassociative coping-strategies in order to just "get by"?


SPIRIT SEEDS is an original teaching by Holly that looks at the original "Spiritual Signature" and "Star that You Are" that was meant to incarnate into the world through and as you. Spirit Seed healing is the most advanced form of Soul Retrieval possible for it occurs when you go straight to the Source of the person's soul-origins and call back to it - all parts that might be spreak out in a thousand directions in time and space- and then connect this original "spark" place or Spirit Seed with the current incarnation and body.


It is a spiritual healing that is so full of potency that it re-writes the story a person is unfolding to re-align it with the original intention and pattern of the Highest Self, Soul-Source or as the Hawaiians call it - the Aumakua. 


How can you have everything you need and still feel a "need" for something more? How can you keep finding something you think is "it" and then discover "its" not it at all? 


When we look outside of ourselves for ful-fillment, we will always be betrayed by our outward projection and the pre-supposition that something is "missing" at all. 


We can speak of becoming "present" but what does this mean? How is it possible to "be" present if you are not all in your body - not completely at home in the realm of the material world we call reality. 


In this beautiful immersion retreat, set in the most idillic setting at Lumeria Maui, we will explore three Spiritual Causes of Illness and Disease (as taught by my beloved teacher, Hank Wessleman):


DISHARMONY: What we experience when life suddenly loses its meaning or when we have lost an important connection to life.


FEAR: When a person is in a chronic state of fear the stress of anxiety aggressively and progressively diminishes their sense of well-being, and this, in turn, affects their feeling of being safe in the world.


SOUL LOSS: In essence, all causes of illness have to do with some degree of soul loss or "dis-spiritedness". Among traditional shamanic cultures, "soul loss is regarded as the most serious diagnosis and the major cause of premature death and serious illness."


We will look at the time tested way today's leading shamanic teachers such as Hank Wessleman, Sandra Ingerman and even Alberto Villado teach shamanic healing through: Extraction, Illumination (or empowerment) and Soul retrieval. But in this workshop, we will also go one step further - to explore the idea and the experience of Spirit Seeds - to transcend the current "biology of our biography" and go right to the source of our orginally-intendend Spirit-Seed for total healing and re-patterning of our body - our karma and our samskara (or soul scars).


Participants will be given an opportunity to immerse themselves in a deep connection with their "Seed-Self" and to learn how to feel another person's "Seed-Self" so that shamanic healing can be quick, effective and totally transformational without engaging in a person's story through traditional slower-ways of soul retrieval and instead "hooking them back up" to their original Seed-Source of Life and Regenneration.


In this retreat, we will spend much of our time at Lumeria in training, enjoying the poolside and gormet dining. We will also travel for a snorkling excersion and a trip to Hana by way of the seven-sacred pools.


All who attend will be treated as a royal guest with the finest care. All will receive and benefit from healing rituals and soul retrieval in both the giving and receving of Holly's shamanic wisdom teachings.




  • Develop the ability to work in the Shaman's Territory 

  • Learn the art of Shamanic Healing Work in Extraction, Purification, Illumination, Empowerment and Soul Retrieval

  • Experience a natural state of bliss and onesness while learning how to create your personal Soul Song for protection and empowerment

  • Explore sacred places on the Island with local guides

  • Learn to Embody your True Nature


What you receive:


  • 7 nights retreat accommodation at Lumeria

  • Retreat participation 

  • Welcoming "Shaman Kit" – $100 value

  • Daily morning yoga with Holly

  • Nightly Shamanic Drum Circles
    and Outdoor Firepit Socials

  • Gentle Hikes, sacred excursions, and transportation to beautiful upcountry and coastal Maui destinations

  • Daily gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinners
    (When we are not traveling)

  • Snorkle excersion

  • One 60 minute Lom Lomi massage per person

  • One 60 minute personal shamanic healing with Holly 

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