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Summer Solstice RegenerationWorkshop
& Shamanic-Yogi Trance Dance Celebration

LOCATION : EastWindYoga, Auburn
Date: Saturday, JUNE 18

11-4 PM: 5  WORKSHOP & PRACTICE | $30




All of life on earth receives energy from the life-giving Sun. The sun, each and every second, transforms four million tons of itself into light and emits energy that we receive some 93 million miles away.


Our body rhythm from our pineal gland to our bone marrow is directly affected by radiant sunlight. Within yoga, the inner sun is within our heart which has the potential through our electromagnetic field to radiate beyond ourselves.


During the Summer Solstice, we are closest to the Sun – a peak alignment that can fill every aspect of our life with vitality, energy and - joy.


When we realize and learn to draw upon the literal solar energy within our cells, we “become the sun” in balance with all of the elements, moon and flow of life.


Pilgrimage this Solstice to EastWindYoga in Auburn to join Holly and her Special Guest Jennifer Keller for a Transformative Yoga Workshop & Total Yoga Trance Dance Celebration.


Holly & Jennifer will offer a collective sadhana to realize the power of solar energy for healing and regeneration on every level of life.


WORKSHOP 11 am - 4 pm | $30


In the 5-hour workshop we will focus on perceiving, connecting, direcing and "breathing" Prana in the body. Students will feel empowered to explore their yoga practice from an entirely new focus based in the subtle prana currents that flow within the body. New centers of strength and grace will be developed and the ability to tune-into the flow of Prana will be cultivated so that the inner-direction and flow of Prana can be enjoyed in any future yoga class (of any style). 


Life is a journey. We are all connected. Our connection comes our One Spirit expressing itself in a myriad of forms and from the "aka" field or threads of conscious light that weave all of life together. After exploring the 5 movements of prana we will explore rhythmic vinyasa as an expression of solar energy and culminate by firing up our practice to explore the element of fire within our practice and our soul-air body.


Yoga Trance Dance Solstice Celebration 7 - 10 pm | $20


Our yoga trance dance journey begins with simple breath work and playful prana yoga to stretch and open. We enter the dance with eyes relaxed in a half gaze or closed. Guided movements are suggested as we explore our own unique movement patterns inspired by global rhythms, drums, voice, clapping and stomping. 

Whatever arises in the moment - any fear, doubt or contraction, any celebration, exultation or joy for living - all is offered to the dance!

Your guide Jennifer Keller has been trained and empowered to lead Yoga Trance Dance® by renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea, who created this contemporary exploration through "the meeting of two great rivers: yoga and dance."

This class is open to both women and men. Previous dance or yoga experience is not necessary. There is no choreography to learn. There are no steps to follow, no way to do it wrong - just come and dance! 

with The Joyful Warrior & Special Guest Jennifer Keller

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