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"The Shaman’s Territory is not a place of imagination but rather it is the non-materiality, the in-visioning, of the world we experience daily. A bridge between potential and concrete reality. It is a playground where Love shape-shifts into an infinite number of landscapes and intersections of meaning to meet our mind’s expectations and bounded rationality. It is the perfect place to learn how to grow our personal and planetary evolution, consciously."
- Holly Baade, The Joyful Warrior
Holly Baade Hands High in the Sky

We are given the task of being stewards of the Earth, our mother. We are given the task of being extensions of the Light, our father. We are given the opportunity, through grace, to weave a unified field of life together within the primordial dance of light and color.

Activism begins in the heart of courageous humans who are not afraid of one another, or the natural world around them. Activism leads to conscious co-creation of our shared reality. We, all of us, are constantly co-creating our experiences, with all that we think and do - we extend. But not necessarily, with consciousness. In order to lead a soul-made life, we must begin to extend our creative energy - our will forces - into life with deeper meaning.

Understanding that we are born with the power to create the meaning of happens to us and create miracles (or madness) based on what happens as a result of us, we can take up our inner-vision and begin to live within the artistry of our own Soulful expression.

Joyful Warrior Activism focuses on Bringing Love to Life by healing people and the planet through shamanic wisdom. We welcome sacred partnerships, life sustaining projects and community collaborations that extend joy into the world, peace upon the planet and inspire humanity to act with courage and commitment to Life.

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