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SHAMAN Level 1 Training


Shaman Song Sanctuary 

Grass Valley, CA
$500 | Per person

A Weeklong Shaman Training Program for for the Joyful Evolution of You!

Up-Coming Fall Training Dates

October 27-31

Retreat Begins on Thursday at 6 PM,
Ends the Following Monday at 11 AM


Price includes 4 nights lodging and meals. A full itinerary outlining meals and the agenda will be provided. There is a communal kitchen so it is possible to bring your own food if you have special dietary needs. All meals served will be healthy but not necessarily vegetarian or vegan or paleo etc. 


The property has a wonderful fresh-water stream with a swimming-hole and is situated on 30 acres of pine forrest with a secluded and private lodge complete with bathroom facilities and rustic yet plush dorm rooms. You bring your own sleeping bag and pillow, but stay inside in a nice warm room on lovely little dorm beds with thick mattresses. One men's dorm and one women's, each holds about 12 people. There are also a few rooms for couples to stay in - and a deck if you want to sleep under the stars. Venue has lots of enchanting spaces to find your reflection and grow your inner connection.

The rhythm of each day varies but will include: 


- Morning nature walks around a labyrinth and gentle yoga with focus on breath and calming the nervous system. 

- Communal breakfast

- Morning Session

- Lunch

- Afternoon Session

-Rest & Relaxation

- Communal dinner

- Evening Sweat Lodge / Adventure Activites / Ceremony

*Activites will include some adventure-based learning techniques to understand through allegory how to find one's self in the shaman's territory and how to make sense of the journey. Ceremony will include telling stories and offering prayers around an outdoor fire. Sweat Lodge will be offered as an option on one or two occassions.


This the first level of the Joyful Warrior Shaman Training Program. It focuses on how to see higher worlds and cultivate spiritual vision by attuning the body to the subtle levels of consciousness and teaching your how to perceive all of reality. This retreat will teach you how to:

- Meditate through the shaman's sonic driving 

- Use the Buffalo Drum is able to facilitate a theta wave and how this works within the brain to "Stop" Thinking

- Work with the spiritual realm with sincerity and safety.

- See with the heart, physically and spiritually

- Go beyond the basic superficial "surface" of things

- Create an at-home shamanic practice that can be profound and life changing.

- Work in the shamanic world with protection.

- Feel connected to the force of nature and all of life

The program will include punctuated times for learning experientially and reflecting in sacred community.

Payment details: 

Full Payment is Required. 

Cancelations - payment will be applied to future workshops/retreats/coaching

Location: Between Auburn & Grass Valley along on Old Auburn near Wolf Creek. Complete directions will be sent after registration is received.

" The shaman’s territory is not a dream, it is an awakening. An opening of the aperture of the heart to see all of reality more clearly. It is a place where the miraculous is ordinary and where the ready traveler can come to know more fully the nature of God, the nature of reality, and the purpose of humanity. "        
 - Holly Baade
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