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"Rasa is the self tasting the Self" – Sri Abhinavagupta

with The Joyful Warrior 

LOCATION : EastWindYoga, Auburn
Date: Saturday, AUG 20

11-4 PM: 5  WORKSHOP | $30

7-10 PM: PRACTICE  | $20


Rasa is Emotion already dwelling within the Self. It is as the fragrance of a rose while the rose is still a seed. It is a potentiality that will express itself when it is given the right soil and nurturing. 


Within Prana Vinyasa, Rasa as a practice is a taste of "The Art of Movement Alchemy." In this workshop, students will experience a full-spectrum yoga training intensive that brings the art of movement in relationship to Rasa - an approach to sequencing vinyasa yoga drawing from yogic arts, tantra, and ayurveda.


Theory and practice of Rasa Vinyasa will be explored by "tasting" three consummate rasas: Vira (strength, potency), Sringara (divine love and sensuality) and Shanti (living peace). In this workshop, participatns will taste the joy and depth of "alchemical yoga" that is sequenced in harmony with the energetic states - activation, healing, and rejuvenation to bring balance and “juice” to your practice, teaching, and life.

WORKSHOP 11 am - 4 pm | $30


The Rasa Immersion Workshop begins with playful partner activities and meditations to bring the E-Motion to Life and to come to understand the teachings of Rasa in the Yoga Tradition.  Study of Rasa awakens the yogic practice so that it becomes a poetry in motion - an integration of inner feelings, music and rhythm to cultivate an overall mood of "bhava" of a class, or practice. 


Sringara Rasa – is Love. Virga Rasa - is Courage. Shanti Rasa - is Peace. Each of these Ransa can be wover with consciousness into the embodiment of a asana and flow of poses (or vinyasa).  The practice of Rasa woven into yoga flow comes from Shiva Rea and combines Yoga Alchemy within Tantra, Bhakti, and Ayurveda. The workshop will give participants practical exsersizes and fun short-sequences of flow experiences to Taste the "Taste and Power of Rasa."


PRACTICE 7 PM - 10 pm | $20


The evening practice is an opportunity to integrate the teachings of the workshop without stopping for explanation or break-down. It is a time of pure flow where students can bring into their bodies fully the learnings from the workshop and at the same time just Let Go.


The Rasa Immersion Practice will highlight a creative sadhana that cultivates the fluid flow of Sringara Rasa in a challening and playful Namaskar. Students will enjoy a transformational wave sequencing for backbending, and deep meditation/relaxation for the flow of love.  


The class will open with a Heart Opening Meditation, enjoys 90 minutes of Pure Flow and ends with 20 minutes of Live Drum Shamanic Meditation. 


Enjoy the workshop, have dinner at a nearby eatery and then come back for an amazing integrative flow and have a great Saturday!


Class size is limited. All levels are welcome. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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