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Explore Inner and Outer Space through
Fluid Power and The Circle of Life

with The Joyful Warrior 

LOCATION : EastWindYoga, Auburn
Date: Saturday, JULY 2

11-4 PM: 5  WORKSHOP | $30

7-10 PM: PRACTICE  | $20


Calling all yogis ready to liberate their practice from the linear! While it's easy to organize ourselves in lines and boxes, the truth is we have not one straight line nor flat structure in our body. 


We are designed to move in all three axes of space ~ to move in curves, coils, spirals, waves and rhythm, rather than in lines, planes, or as rigid stick-figures! 

WORKSHOP 11 am - 4 pm | $30


The Sacred Circles Workshop combines the multi-dimentional nature of our universe, Prāna Vinyāsa yoga, Axis Syllabus, Gate Theory and principles of sustainable & healthy movement into a meditative embodiment practice that is as educational as it is enjoyable.


In the workshop, we take our practice out of the box (of the yoga mat) and into open space, with floorwork, fluid core connection, joint mobilization, and mini-vinyāsa sequences to induce entrainment, presence, and a state of flow- which is the state of yoga! 


Rhthymic Vinyasa (moving while holding an asana or moving between two or three asana) will be taught along with natural patterns for how to move around the mat in a 180 or 360 as a seemless flow. 


Participants will walk away with creative ideas to liberate their yoga practice and feel empowered to move more freely on their mat (or off of their mat). 


PRACTICE 7 PM - 10 pm | $20


The evening practice is an opportunity to integrate the teachings of the workshop without stopping for explanation or break-down. It is a time of pure flow where students can bring into their bodies fully the learnings from the workshop and at the same time just Let Go.


The Sacred Circles Practice will add the focus of working with the chakras while moving in the mandala of asana.


The class will open with a Chakra Balancing Meditation, Enjoy 90 minutes of Pure Flow and End with 20 minutes of Live Drum Shamanic Meditation. 


Enjoy the workshop, have dinner at a nearby eatery and then come back for an amazing integrative flow and have a great Saturday!


Class size is limited. All levels are welcome. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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