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Joyful Warrior Shaman Training

Joyful Warrior Shaman™  

Certification Training 2016

12 Months | 500 Hours
“What are you fighting for? If it is for anything other than your own surrender,
you will be brought round and round again.”
-The Joyful Warrior Journals 2008.

Meet the Shaman in You

Move in the World in a Shamanic Way

Bring Love to Life with All That You Do




  1. On-Line Program

  2. In Person Immersion


With the On-Line Program You Receive:


- Journal

- Shaman Starter "kit" Includes Drum CD, Smudge, Stones,
Joyful Warrior Amulet, Art Supplies, Remo Drum 

- Montlhy Audio Video Training for each Module

- Weekly Audiobook for each Module

- Access to Private On-Line Forum

- Personal one-on-one calls with Holly, once each Module


With the Immersion Program You Receive:


- Journal

- Shaman Starter "kit" Includes Drum CD, Smudge, Stones,
Joyful Warrior Amulet, Art Supplies, Remo Drum 

- Montlhy Audio Video Training for each Module

- Weekly Audiobook for each Module

- Access to Private On-Line Forum

- Personal one-on-one call or meeting with Holly, once each Module




- Attendance to monthly in person group training workshops based on the Modules. One full weekend each month, look at the list for modules below for details.  (*500 value)

- Invitation to Medicine Walks one each Module, see calendar below.*

- Invitation to Community drum circle one Saturday each month.

- Year-Long Spirit Matters Studio Membership (value $139 monthly)

- Weekly In-Person Coaching (value $500 monthly)



The shaman’s territory is not a dream, it is an awakening. An opening of the aperture of the heart to see all of reality more clearly. It is a place where the miraculous is ordinary and where the ready traveler can come to know more fully the nature of Spirit, the nature of reality, and the purpose of humanity - not to mention the mission we, individually, are on.


All of life is a journey of Spirit. We are all connected. We exist here in the physical reality, and also as pure energy. As we expand the edge of soul through our uniquely personal expressions of existence, we intertwine our wants, desires and actions to manifest what tomorrow brings today.


The shaman’s territory is not a place of imagination but rather is the non- materiality of the world we experience daily. A bridge between potential and concrete reality.


It is a playground where God shape-shifts into an infinite number of landscapes and intersections of meaning to meet our mind’s expectations and bounded rationality. It is the perfect place to learn how to grow our personal and planetary evolution, consciously.


It is a short-cut, a secret passage way, for the curious traveler to a conscious state of expanded-mind and open-heart where karmic connections can be seen with divine illumination and an experience of enlightenment can occur spontaneously, or at least be momentarily tasted.



On-Line Program: 

- Total Price, $5400 

- Monthly Payment Option: $500 Down | $450 11 Months


In Person Immersion Option:

- Total Price $9700

- or $10,800 (includes nia white belt or Yoga Teacher Training)

- Monthly Payment Option: $2000 Down | $808 for 11 Months


(you may also pay in 2 installments of equal amount, upon special request)




Pay in Full* : Receive Your Choice of...



SAN MARCOS, GUATEMALA for Spring Equinox

($2500 value, does not include travel and some meals)





TO BIG ISLAND, HI for Fall Equinox

($2500 value, does not include travel and some meals)


SIGN UP BY MARCH 1**: Receive Your Choice of...






All Programs:
 - Receive Your Sign-Up Kit within 2 weeks of Registering!
- Your First Module will come, after you Register. Each new Module after the fist, comes on the 1st of the Month.
- Each Audiobook comes each Monday Morning to guide you week's activities.
- Each "homework" assignment will be due the following Sunday.
- In-Person Immersion Program:
Weekend Workshops happen every second weekend of the Month (unless otherwise specified). Runs Fri Night, Saturday Day, Sunday Morning. 
- Monthly Medicine Nature Walks, & Community Drum Circles schedule will usually be the third weekend of the month. 

meet the

Shaman in You!


Sensual Sight & Shamanic Flight: The Shaman's Territory

Initiation Rituals & Rites of Passage


Before Traveling to a Foreign Country, it is a good idea to investigate it's landscape, language, culture and any other uniquenesses that bring a particular rights and responsibilities to the realm. Before setting off on our quest to meet the Shaman in You, we must first honor the Rites of Passage. In this Module, we will Invoke our Intent, Orient Ourselves to the Shaman's Territory and Outfit Ourselves for The Journey.


Power, Protection & Prescience : The Lower Realms

Who Needs You? Who do you Need, too? 


Protection, in the Spiritual Sense is based upon relationship. It is based upon having shown sincerity, and being able to reveal yourself holding back, nothing. To the degree that we are not willing to allow ourselves to receive, we are unable to be assisted by benevolent beings. To the degree that we are willing to ask for assistance, set aside our personal-gain agenda or judgement, we are able to come into relationship with all of creation. It is from this relationship that the Shaman in You will gain power, protection and a knowing, of what is coming.


Angels, Attuenment & Awakening : The Higher Realms

"The Universe is Constantly Singing Itself into Existence"


In this Module, we explore the upper-realms of the Angels, Arch-Angels and Archi. We move into the realms of the Akashic Records and learn how to attune-ourselves to the Song of Ecstatis, and Existence. In this powerful series, we meet and attune ourselves with the magnificence of our Aumakua, our Highest-Self and come into to conscious relationship with the Sentry of Souls who are our guardians and our guides.



Spirit Medicine : Shamanic Healing

Love & Light, this is what heals our body and our minds.  


To see someone in their wholeness is to begin the true healing process. In this module, we will look at dis-ease and illness from the shamanic point of view. We will experience Extraction, Illumination, Soul Retreival and Spiritual Blue-Print Re-Alignment and Attunement. In this series, you will be asked to look within, deeply and explore first, Self-Healing so as to understand how to extend healing to others without an egoic-agenda. 


Magic & Manifestation : The Middle World



The word "mage" or Magi, comes from the word... image. To image... in. Or, imagine. In this Module, we will attend the Sacred Garden within The Shaman's Territory. We will take up the question of what it means to move your dreams into reality. We will focus on the alchemical process of moving from nothing into something, from throught to form and from  idea and inspiration into intent and willed-action. We will work a great deal in what some people call the "Sacred Garden." We will also look at our daily lives and the dreams we wish to bring to life. All of life is a journey of becoming, in this Module, we will become more conscious of how we create the world we see and then accept it as separate from us.


Making Love : Living In Divine Union & Birthing Your Inspiration

What does it mean to Bring Love to Life? How can we become open, courageous, willing portals of divine will and light? We come to the end of our Shaman's Training and at the same time we are once again at a beginning. Now you have met The Shaman in You. Now you have all the knowledge you need to guide you. So now, your Shaman's Journey begins in earnest. You are poised to walk with power, creating from a place of beauty and love. You can do and be anything you want to. How will the Universe speak to you? Attract you? And what is there for you to do? What is the contract that Spirit is asking of you? In this our last Module, we learn how to Make Love : to Extend Soul into Space and Heal the Soul of The World as we Heal our Minds and Awake. We learn what it means to live as a Shaman, with strength and grace


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What does it mean to be a Joyful Warrior Shaman? How can the Certification benefit you?

The first thing I want to say about this training is that traditionally, no one calls themselves a Shaman and there is no "Shaman Certification" as such among traditional peoples. In traditional cultures, you would be taken up as an apprentice early on, or when you were found to be of this particular "calling" and the community would confer the title of "shaman' upon you, as a result of your good works and effective service.


There are always pioneers in every new frontier. Sometimes, it is not easy to be the one to step out first and say, wait a minute... it is time for some Evolving. While it is true that it is not possible for someone else to "make you a shaman," it is also true that there is already a shaman, within you.


Through this training you will be skillfully guided to connect with this aspect of yourself and will have the practice and opportunity to grow with discipline, humility and sincerity here so you may come to understand what it means to you to live a sincere shamanic life.


With all due respect to all of my teachers, and wisdom keepers of the traditional cultures, if you look around the world you might realize that no one is noticing the shamans that would be coming... They are over-looked, often interpreted at "crazy."


We simply are not living with cultural lenses that can "spot shamans." Just as Yoga evolved from the gurus of great lineage, so to is it time to clear away the mystery of the shaman and allow more people who feel a resonance to this calling find their way to their soul's work joyfully. The world needs shamans more than ever - those who would become healers and leaders of our time, know who they are in their heart of heart's. They feel a stirring and a feeling of "resonance" to words I am writing.


This training offers 500 total hours of training and practice. With this, you will have everything you need to discover if the shamanic path is for you and if you are ready to not just meet, but Step into The Shaman in You! Traditional core shamanism is covered, and there are many original teachings designed to help you create the vivid and consistent journeys. The investment - for an entire year of i personalized training is far less than costly than anything else available that offers such depth and one-on-one coaching.


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