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Joyful Warrior Journal

A Shaman's Journey

I was born Holly Louise Baade. The Joyful Warrior is who I grew myself to be while journeying in the shaman’s territory. I didn’t mean to become a shaman, but my whole life I have been searching for meaning. My story is one of struggle and survival. Of wonder and of whimsy. Of holding on, and letting go. And of learning how to embrace my faith, and wear it joyfully.

I have known the presence of helping spirits and benevolent beings, always. There is no time in my life that I have not known the company, guidance and grace of spirits standing beside me. I have found it is easy to connect with spirits intimately when accepting what I see within my mind’s eye and listening to what I hear that is said to just me. Some might call it crazy. I call it, showing sincerity. For who would talk to you? Or come to you for help? Or help you? Unless you are paying attention and saying, thank you.

Perhaps this is because life is paradox and Existence had up it’s sleeve for me a little bit of wonderful along with a little bit of tragedy. I survived most of my young life in a state of dysfunctional coping strategies, addictive disassociating, and closed-hearted yearning, hoping that someone else or somehow life itself would rescue me.

Then, in a moment of surrender to all that I knew, or thought I should be, grace extended its hands to me. First, inviting me to step in and heal, re-integrating and re-membering the fragments of my soul, once lost to me. Then, initiating me onto the path of the shaman, blowing my heart wide-open and exposing myself to the will of soul in a way that could never have been thought of, by me.

The Joyful Warrior Project is an extension of my soul and my Shamanic Journey. It is an answer to a feeling many people are now having, to bring more soul into their story and connect with their spirit's calling. Each experience I offer opens a portal to where spirit, lives. Each program I guide encourages your spirit to become more, alive. Each class, workshop, training or adventure retreat I lead is a Shamanic Journey in desguise - designed to help you Find Your True Nature and Bring Your Dreams to Life. The words I write are also prayer, for it is my hope that all of humanity will become frequent travelers in the Shaman’s Territory.

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