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Joyful Warrior Journal

Spring Inner Path Journey

Sometimes we are seeking inspiration, but we are using our mind to search for answers instead of our heart to feel what is real. In this journey, our goal is to ask our soul which way to go.

So drop the list making and the constant weighing of opposites from which no clear choice can be found and instead find a place within that provides all of the answers needed as your questions become clear.

Your intention in this journey is to take a walk with our highest self who can become most trusted friend. Set your space, turn on the music and begin:

  1. First, visualize the flower inside of your heart.

  2. Go through the flower into a field of flowers.

  3. Walk through the flowers noticing what is unique and stands out.

  4. Find a tree. Climb the tree.

  5. Shout from the top of the tree, "Hey, Higher Self, can you come down?"

  6. When your higher self arrives, let them know you want to go for a walk and work through all your thoughts until your mind feels clear and you can "hear" better the guidance that wants to come to you now.

  7. Allow the journey to unfold.

  8. Remember - whatever wants to happen, will.

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