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Joyful Warrior Journal

A Point of Grounding

When you are able to place your awareness within each chakra, an interesting thing happens. You can ask one chakra how another one is doing! Yes. It's fun to practice.

Begin with your feet. Always. This is the point of grounding.

Place your awareness in your feet. Feel the ground beneath you from within your feet. Then perhaps reach towards your pelvis and root chakra, with a listening through your feet for what is present in the pelvis in this moment. You may find you get a feeling, a visual picture of some kind or just a somatic knowing. You may feel nothing. If you feel nothing. Go back to your feet. Keep moving up the legs slowly with your awareness from your feet - looking at your pelvis.

This practice is splitting your sensorial system into three main-focus parts.

There is your mind - observing with no thought, but watching.

There is your feet - which have the invitation to be the point of origin for perceiving.

Then, there is the root - the point of focus and of listening to.

Now here is the thing, the feet are going to offer you a different listening about your root that say, your throat chakra. Each aspect of the body has a different frequency it is running.

So try something fun now, switch the point of focus from your pelvis. Bring the listen origin to the pelvis. Feel into your consciousness here. Now look at your feet, from the point of view of the pelvis.

You can do this with any and all of the chakras. Each time you will get something new. And it all should make sense, to no one, but you. That's how you know it is shamanic.

The soul speaks to us in metaphorical pictures and through somatic cues. As you build up your capacity to move your point of awareness in your body - you build up the capacity to have awareness from Within the body!

And this is essential for shamanic journey meditation. First you've got to get in your body, then you can feel yourself as divinity hanging out here in the BioSuit having a good time!

Most of us are in one form or another of distraction and disassociation. So with small steps, we build up the ability to feel from within. The premise being, we feel, we are within the personal body and auraic field and we are gaining "muscle" for perceiving what is subtle.

Enjoy... Try it with a friend!

- The Joyful Warrior


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