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Joyful Warrior Journal

A way of seeing the world, Joyfulution

Joyfulution is a way of being. A way of seeing the world, holistically. A way of coming to that which is at the center of my being, from the starting points of moving with sacred intention in mind, in body, in ecstatic spirit essence. Last fall, I said goodbye to Joyfulution Wellness in Folsom - my first studio that was the vision of this love I have inside. I started that studio with a gift and a lot of gumption. We had fun, those of us who found its wellspring. But we were a bit before our time, in what we hoped to bring. And... I soon found out too that being each day in four walls was not my calling,,. I am too much of a feral thing! But the teachings... and the practice... and the discipline... was everything! So I walked away, towards the ocean and to a question that still remained inside myself. Many nights I lay looking at the ocean living on a houseboat in Sausalito. Feeling the rocking of my soul and the depths of the expanse that is my own journey to being a portal for what wants to come through me - as me - this time round...

Then in a spontaneous vision-journey into the mountain of Tam, the elemental force of Pele offered some restructuring. I was guided to find a mountain, where the sun reached high over a deep waters flowing... not at the ocean's edge but recessed into the side of Lake Tahoe's climbing wilderness... A hamlet, called Lotus was waiting. And then, to my surprise, almost the same day I landed- keys were given me along with an already vibrant conscious community. So this Thanksgiving, Joyfulution is open again. This time, I see a place of "nothingness" where there is no ego or goal other than to hold space for who is seeking retreat and community - at the waters edge and in the wilderness... The Joyfulution Jai-Ma Collective is born from the land and from the teachings and will be a place of sacred-seeking!! A tribute to the sacred earth, a portal for those looking to drink in the light and take heart while hearing the steady beat of my drum and the spirits cosmic calling. I was born a river girl, I spent my young life living on the bluffs of the American River. And it is here, a little higher - with a little wider expanse - that The Mother has called me to create again. Joyfulution is a way of being. It is also a place of meeting... those who would create a new way of living in harmony with the land, with one another, and within the Joyfully Evolving Consciousness of Humanity

- Musings by The Joyful Warrior


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