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Joyful Warrior Journal

Alient Encounters

I once met an Alien. Really. He wore all yellow and carried a handkerchief so he didn't have to touch anything. He looked a bit like Clint Eastwood, and said he used a cover as a lawyer to move legislation to help against oil drilling. I was young, and thought he was crazy. Now maybe you think I am. But no matter... One thing he told me I will never forget is that it's not what you eat, but the vibration that what you eat carries. He was overwhelmed and delighted, for example, when he found a quality of chocolate that wasn't tainted with the vibration of oppression and hate in it. I think that was when fair trade first got popular. Anyways, I've always followed his advice. It's my Alien Diet. And essentially, it goes like this. If the food is of low vibration, of resonating on a frequency of violence, hate or slavery - or if it is altered such that it isn't really coming from the earth naturally - then it will do the same thing to your vibration as you bring it in to your body. It will make you sick, and the whole rest of you will need to somehow compensate to find healing again. It's not just about GMOs or Organic or Local. Energy is Everything. So take the Alien's advice, and only eat-nice!

- The Joyful Warrior


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