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Joyful Warrior Journal

Attraction is Interesting

Attraction is interesting. What is it meant for?

To bring memory to the current moment? To bring energy to action still dormant? To bring separate people, objects together for a purpose?

Often, humans physicalize attraction when it is meant for something much greater.

Perhaps... For something creative. For something healing. For something revealing.

Instead... We physicalize the attraction, creating distraction and distortion.

Then there is a sense of fulfillment but confusion, because the attraction seems to be satisfied but without meaning or revelation.

So perhaps instead of physicalizing this force, we might want to first allow ourselves to become curious. And patient. So we can allow the attraction to reveal the reason for its nature.

Then attraction becomes like gravity, a force meant to pull us into deeper relationship with ourselves and our soul's purpose above all else.

- The Joyful Warrior


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