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Joyful Warrior Journal

Energy Vampirism

We are all confused as to what we are fighting for. The propositions and politicians and ideas about what side we are on.... It is not about money. It is not about status. It is to some degree about connection. But mostly, it is about energy.

The oil crisis and non-renewable energy question (which of course in manufactured by killing off and destroying any one who comes up with the readily-available alternative technology) is just an outward metaphor of what is happening between all people inwardly.

Everything is energy. We are a society of energy-vampires, because we have no or little access to our own - energy.

We shut off our hearts, for having been in some way harmed. We disassociate our spirits from our bodies, in a way of protecting that which is truly valuable. But then, in our protective stance, we are left without the lifeforce that informs and ignites us. We have no direct access to the unlimited energy that is our Divinity.

When this happens, when we choose to put a wall up between ourselves - our feelings.... our hearts... and our spirits opening - we become are as wanders in a desert forever looking for someone else’s oasis to save us.

To become a powerful species, we each must open our own Well’s door so that the flood of energy that is our own, is ours. This is what empowerment means. To have direct access to power infinitely... This is the source of our natural unlimited energy. And when we discover how to do this, we will find that our external reality changes accordingly.

Everything else that is happening in the world that appears to be an external energy crisis is just a reflection of this, our own personal-ecology journey.

- The Joyful Warrior


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