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Joyful Warrior Journal

Internal Noticing

Bring your awareness into your feet. Feel your feet, from inside your feet. Then feel the ground from the point of consciousness inside your feet. Then look into the room, into the space, from the point of awareness of your feet. And, ask your feet to tell you something about what you see....

After you are able to feel your feet from the inside... And after you've played with the ability to perceive the world - any point outside yourself- from your feet, while your mind observes. Try this with a partner... Place your awareness in your feet. Your point of conscious- looking/feeling/perceiving right. Then, look at your partner in the eyes with your eyes while at the same time - perceiving them from your feet. Try relaxing the point of perception from the feet - and remain in eye contact. Try bringing it back in - perceiving from the feet - while making eye contact. This exercise builds up the capacity to split awareness. Perceiving from within the body, by conscious direction is paramount to successful shamanic capacity. Perceving with the instrument of the body's speaking comes from this subtle awareness. And the ability to both observe with the eyes what is, while at the same time asking the body the truth about what you feel energetically - builds shamanic site for journeying and at the same time increases your ability to work with intrinsically - your internal guidance system for "blinking" important decisions. The reason we start with the feet is because - it's at the most grounded part of you. You may go on many a great spiritual out of body experiences (most people are in varying degrees of dissociative-distractive and do not stay in their bodys long enough to feel much of anything). But so long as you have a body - you might as well learn how to reach nirvana while being whole-heartedly in it! Next... we move from the feet to other parts of the body - and find out how to begin to ask the body to speak!

- The Joyful Warrior


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