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Joyful Warrior Journal

Lessons in Learning How to See

OK. Let's get those Chakras talking a bit more! Here is how you do this with a friend...

Start with your feet. So if you're just joining in the conversation... scroll down and find out where we began.

Now, place your awareness in your feet. Go right away to the point where you are perceiving something in the room you are in with your feet. A table or a couch or a tree perhaps. It doesn't matter. What you are looking for here - feeling for here - is the line of connection.

Remember, between to points there is always one line. That's just simple geometry. So a line of energy is present between all things in this Universe we are as a spider's web!

All you need do, all you really are doing in this exercise is placing your awareness on the thread of connection that already exists. So when you have that, your at the starting point. Run you awareness up each Chakra now - towards that external point of connection.

This is what I call calibration.

Your just really getting a sense for where you are, today. And your Woooing your consciousness to come into your body... and begin to listen!

So each person should do this. Separately.

Then, when finished, turn towards one another.

Look at each other in the eyes. Softly. About 3 feet away.

Initially, you will automatically have your awareness - your point of consciousness behind your eyes. As the tantalizing world of sight is so delicious. But release this.

Go instead back to your feet.

Now try this -

With your awareness in your feet. Look at your partners heart. While you are still looking in them with your eyes - passively - no "energy" here. Just passive!

Now listen... with your feet... to your partner's heart energy.

This should feel very grounding.

If you don't feel anything, it may be - again - because their are energy blocks in different areas of non-resolution.

If this is the case for you, just try a different point of origin and of looking.

We are all going to do that anyways.

Like, move your awareness into your second Chakra (yep) and then look at your friend's throat chakra with your 2nd!

Perhaps, after three or so times, just shifting, making the contact - begin to ask the chakra that is your point of origin to speak to you about "what is"

For example, the third chakra in your body is looking and perceiving - energetically - the heart chakra of your friend.

Now, simply - intend with your mind that you receive a picture here of how your third chakra is interpreting your friend's heart region.

Share your discoveries... And have fun with it.

Next Time - talking to the sun!

- The Joyful Warrior


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