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Joyful Warrior Journal


Spring is a time of relation. To the seeds of our next dreaming. To the world in which we are growing. To the souls who touch our hearts, our minds, our bodies.

The ordinary reality walk in and non-ordinary reality we dream in (or visa versa) is a multidimensional experience.

The dimensions are not different places so much as they are different vibrations. When you resonate at the same frequency, you are able to perceive one another and relate... or not.

In this way, the word "relate" is a secret gift for understanding our nature and the nature of existence - in disguise for our benefit.

For we each, in our own way, offer the gift of ourselves when we allow another person to experience themselves in relation to the reflection we present... as light slowed down just enough to become the seed and expression of human divinity.

- The Joyful Warrior

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