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Joyful Warrior Journal

The Shamanic State of Being

So lets go back to some energy-exercises!

This time, within the shamanic journey.

But first, we need to talk about how to get into a shamanic state of being.

Now, you may have some drum music, or you may not. If you do, great. If you don't, you can do this exercise listening also to running water. Like a rapid at the river or - sitting with your eyes closed in the shower.

I recommend Hank Wessleman's Journey to the Garden Book too. It comes with a small CD that will work wonders, and has a little prayer to say too... but that can come later. It's not necessary to invest any money to do this. Nature is the best, as is what's already inside you!

So, let's talk about the drum.

A shamanic drum beat is essentially, a monotone vibration. It hits the contraction of the mind's compulsion to think one more thought - with it's beat! The mind hears the beat, and gives up the impulse for thought. So the steady pulse of a shower can work too.

I think of this kind of like electric stimulation that the chiropractor gives you. When your muscle is all tight and pulsing - maybe spasming... a chiropractor will put electric stimulation on it. This seems odd. Why pulse the muscle that is tight and twitching already? Well, to stimulate it externally allows the muscle - funny enough - to relax, through rhythm. It leads the muscle's convulsions from chaotic firing to an entrainment of firing that sort of re-educates the muscle how to move and then how to relax.

So the same is true for the drum. And it works with the muscle - of your Mind-ing. Of the brain's firing! Truth be told, our brains are mostly like that of a spasming muscle, always firing without any rhyme or reason. And it's very hard to get it to relax! This is actually why coffee is so great. It kind of works like electric stim, but instead of offering rhythm, it offers one long beat of focus! This is why kids are given Ritalin.

But drugs are not necessary. Meditation is! Osho says "meditation is necessary, until it isn't." Amen!

So the beautiful sonic driving of the drum beat, or remember the water's sound like the shower or rapids moving, is that it relaxes the mind but doesn't artificially keep the "on" button pressed down like a stimulant. It works instead through the external stimulant of sound, to hit the brain's impulse to think another thought. One more, one more, one more. And instead of thinking, the mind RECEIVES the beat. So, it relaxes. And relaxes. And relaxes.

Each time it hears the beat.

What this does is creates a fully relaxed, and at the same time, fully stimulated, mind! We call this state Theta!

And it is perfect for moving into the state of shamanic vision and trance.

The weekend is here and it's a perfect time to go for a hike. Perhaps find a rapid to listen to. Or perhaps download a drum tune. Either way, first things first.

Don't try to achieve anything, just get in tough with the natural rhythm of nature and of the primordial drum beat. And let your brain relax, while your mind expands!

- By The Joyful Warrior


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