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Joyful Warrior Journal

Turning towards the Dawn

"Turning towards the dawn, I hear an eagle caw.

I look to the sky to find a cloud staircase given to only my eyes. I walk up the stairs and stand in heaven with hands on my hips saying what took you so long, only to find the dawn comes every day along with the staircase and what took so long was my willingness to see what I would not see all along. Everything is Ok. Everything is always, ok. I am a being of light married to the dawn and to the night. And its ok that I am a paradox of timelessness with two hearts that shine as one. I have room in my heart for what I do not understand and for what is yet to come. I will find a way to be that bridge. This is a journey we all take together, on each other's time, and there is no way to have unless we behold each other."

- The Joyful Warrior

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