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Joyful Warrior Journal

We do not share the same world.

We do not share the same world. Our individual worlds are shaped by the words we say to ourselves that become the agreements within our body for how we are to relate to everything that we give meaning. Each letter is a sound for shaping our reality in such a way as to form feelings that move through time into what we are beholding or destroying. Sometimes what we are beholding is a dream that has been stalking us for a long time and at first it fits very neatly into our current paradigm, but eventually it grows larger than we ever imagined it would from a place silent invocation for something of our spirit to come into the world more fully so that what we learn that what we need to shape for ourselves in each moment is not a finite shape but rather an ever present doorway that lets our spirit come out, and play.

- The Joyful Warrior


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