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An Enchanting Introductory Weekend to Discover The Shaman in You

LOCATION : Kissler Ranch, Grass Valley CA
Date: Friday September 

$500 | Per person


Starts at 6 PM Thursday Night, Ends at 12 PM Sunday 


Price includes 3 nights lodging and meals. The property has a wonderful fresh-water stream with a swimming-hole and is situated on 30 acres of pine forrest with a secluded and private lodge complete with bathroom facilities and rustic yet plush dorm rooms. Venue has lots of enchanting spaces to find your reflection and grow your inner connection.


OPEN TO INSPIRATION, is an Introductory Weekend to The Shaman in You Training program offered by Holly Baade. You will learn the basics of Shamanism, the history, the cosmology, the benefits and the guidelines, the basic techniques and how to begin an at-home journey shamanic meditation practice. This is the perfect retreat for anyone looking to become more familiar with shamanism in a friendly and natural setting. Each participant will be invited to receive healing through a collective shamanic healing ceremony.




Everything in the shaman’s territory can speak and can teach. Whether it be a rock, a waterfall or a kangaroo. This is because everything in the shaman’s territory is alive and vibrating with the pulse of life. It has a consciousness and a will of its own that is separate from the traveler’s imagination. You find this out right away, when you “try” without success to make it do what you want it to. And at the same time, it is a reflection of the traveler’s own mental store-house of imagery and emotive-feelings.


It is a place beyond any one individual’s imaginings that has been painted on cave walls in almost every indigenous culture and is the backdrop for many myths and legends. It has been studied the world over for external validity by science, anthropologists and curious researchers who have compared different accounts and artwork. The research points to similar findings from people and places that could not have previously communicated with each other. Native elders and esteemed indigenous spiritual-leaders of many tribes throughout the world still go into the shaman’s territory as their cultures have done for thousands of years. To seek practical information, spiritual insight and serve as a conduit for healing purposes on behalf of others.


The word “shaman” is a Siberian cultural term that means “one who sees with the heart”, or “one who sees in the dark.” As one learns how to travel in the shaman’s territory, the aperture of the heart slowly grows to a more open set-point allowing the traveler to “see” reality by actually tasting the quality and composition of light. It is this tasting-of-light that allows the shaman to see. To be more precise, it is not really a seeing at all, but rather a kinesthetic body-felt knowing that is accompanied sometimes by sight, or smell, or sound, or internal visualized soul-pictures. Because traveling in the shamanic territory is not a trip outside of the body. The body is actually used in the journey as a tool for perceiving and making “sense” of what is happening.


In this short retreat we immerse ourselves in the Shaman's Cosmology - learning how to "get in" and explore the world where dreams come from. Students will learn:

- How to "meditate" through the shaman's sonic driving 

- How the Buffalo Drum is able to facilitate a theta wave and how this works within the brain to "Stop" Thinking

- How to work with the spiritual realm with sincerity and safety.

- What it means to "see" with the heart, physically

- How to go beyond the basic superficial "surface" of things

- How to create an at-home shamanic practice that can be profound and life changing.

The program will include punctuated times for learning experientially and reflecting in sacred community.

Location: Between Auburn & Grass Valley along on Old Auburn near Wolf Creek

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