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Between any two points, there is exactly one line. The point at which you decide to move your life from happenstance to happy, defines your personal empowerment journey. Experience a creative spiritual journey to transform your life and career into the fullest expression of your spirit on Earth. Holly Baade has guided hundreds of people to connect with the depth of their inner world and sculpt their dreams into reality.


Life Coaching with Holly Baade is a sacred journey of discovering and embodying your unique creative spirit and expression. It is a process of mastering your own inner world so you can lead your self, and others, in the outer world. Whether you are a mother, a teacher, a business professional or a festival yogi, you will enjoy the Joyful Warrior coaching process as a transformational Soul Journeys that shows you to be the best you can be, no matter what the circumstance.


Create your own reality and thrive being yourself. Joyful Warrior Life Coaching is a program for anyone wanting to Journey to the Next level of your spiritual development. Experience this innovative Shamanic Life Coaching Program, reclaim your soul once lost to you, Bring Love to Life.

“What are you fighting for? If it is for anything other than your own surrender, you will be brought round and round again.”
- JW Journals 2008.

"Joyful Warrior Life Coaching is a doorway to happiness, joy and freedom through unconditional love."    - Erin Brady, Rocklin, CA

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