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"Power is not found by forcing ourselves,
but rather by finding our Self."
- Holly Baade

If you want to improve the state of your being, and the state of the world, you’ve got to go on a Journey.  A pilgrimage to the center of your soul, where awaits your total empowerment and joyful enlightenment.

Embark on Sacred Learning Adventures with The Joyful Warrior to find Your True Nature and Bring Love to Life.

The shaman’s territory is not a place of imagination but rather is the non-materiality of the world we experience daily. A bridge between potential and concrete reality. It is a playground where Spirit shape-shifts into an infinite number of landscapes and intersections of meaning to meet our mind’s expectations and bounded rationality. It is the perfect place to learn how to grow our personal and planetary evolution, consciously. 


It is a short-cut, a secret passage way, for the curious traveler to a conscious state of expanded-mind and open-heart where karmic connections can be seen with divine illumination and an experience of enlightenment can occur spontaneously, or at least be momentarily tasted.


With Joyful Warrior Free Spirit Shaman School, you will have the opportunity to learn about Shamanism in a light-hearted fully conscious way - to awaken and strengthen your intimate connection with the forces stands behind form. 

Train onLine

Now you can explore a variety of

Shamanic Mastery Programs

with Holly Baade

from the comfort of your home or office on both audio and video formats

Join the Journey

Train onLocation

Immerse Your Self

in Shamanic Training

with Holly Baade

in Small Intimate Gatherings

at ShamanSong Ranch

or on sacred adventures worldwide

Join the Journey
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