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Open your heart. See with your heart. Act from your heart.
Be warmed by your heart. Be guided by your heart. Take refuge in the sanctuary of your heart and from within the field of your heart, meet The Shaman in You. 

To be a Shaman is to see with the heart, not idealistically but literally. To be a shaman is to feel all of life from your heart, physically so that you can taste the soul in everything.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual tradition in the world. It is not a religion, but a pathway to personal empowerment based on direct revelation from attune-ment to the subtle world of spirit.

" The shaman’s territory is not a dream, it is an awakening. An opening of the aperture of the heart to see all of reality more clearly.  It is a place where the miraculous is ordinary and where the ready traveler can come to know more fully the nature of God, the nature of reality, and the purpose of humanity. "        
- Holly Baade

Meet The Shaman in You

Level 1 | Sensual Sight & Shamanic Flight

Level 2 | Power, Protection & Revelation

Level 3 | Angels and The Ancestors 

Level 4 | The Five Levels of Shamanic Healing

Level 5 | Magic & Manifestation


Also offered, are in-depth workshops and immersions on special areas of understanding:

- The Field of The Heart - Sacred Garden Work

- Drumming Before Dawn - Gaia Healing Work

- JourneYoga - Personal Healing Process for EnLivening the Body with Spirit Through Movement

- Spirit Seeds - Soul Retrieval Training 

- Joyful Warrior Apprenticeship - Personal Immersion and Study Program



LOCATION : Shaman Song Sanctuary, on Wolf Mountain in Grass Valley

This is a beautiful private retreat in the Northern California Gold Country set in an idealic pine forest near many rivers and lakes.

s the First Level of the Joyful Warrior Shaman Training. It focuses on how to see higher worlds and cultivate spiritual vision by attuning the body to the subtle levels of consciousness and teaching you how to perceive all of reality through deeper of states of meditation and conscious dreaming. Focus is placed on movement, meditation & meaning.



October 27-31 

*Each Retreat Begins at 10 am on Friday.

Each participant is encouraged to come Thrusday night

and enjoy the Shaman School Grounds and start rested,

and ready.


Program ends 6 PM Sunday. Overnight arrangements and Monday

departure can be arranged for additional $50.



$3000 early bird

Price includes:  

- Lodging

- All Meals

- Airport Shuttle  / Carpooling is available

- Training Manual, CD of Holly's Drumming

- Morning Yoga / Sacred Samhain Trance Dance

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